B&B/Who we are

When I was little I was aiming a finger on the World Map...I often thought to indicate the Indias, but actually it was the American continent! "Never mind", I thought, about ten years later, "even Cristoforo Colombo was not so good in Geography and he had glory".
Later, at school, I had a teacher who decided to teach me the names of all Italian provinces before, and all the capitals of the world then...and, as all the things you learned for first time, I was amazed: I liked it!
I am a Sagittarius and my mind began to travel without ever stopping, taking the body with it.
I like to meet new people, to confront with different cultures, and until today, I think I have traveled a lot, but never enough, so I asked myself: "Why don't I bring tourism in my house?".

Thus was born the B&B "La Bibliotechina", in the wonderful neighborhood of Vomero, in a very quite street at foot of central "Medaglie d'Oro" square, perfectly connected to historic centre with metro, funiculars, buses...and even reachable through a pleasant walk for walking lovers.
Why come here? There are many reasons.
First of all Naples is a cultural, historic, culinary, picturesque, wonderful city, to visit at least once in a lifetime and the B&B "La Bibliotechina" represents all this with its thousand characteristics: colourful rooms, equipped with every comfort, in theme with three arts, each one different in details; common living room, named "bibliotechina", where breakfast is served in a literary atmosphere, almost as time has stood still, apparently in contrast with the rest of B&B; moderate prices with best comfort, all studied in detail to make you feel at home or even more, because hosting is not a job but a truly passion!

If that was not enough, the B&B "La Bibliotechina" has a lot of interest points all around, historical and cultural destinations, stunning views...and it will always be my pleasure to give you the best advises.